Houghton(4d)vs Big Sky Country(9d)


Last week had hard decision of racing the 30km mass start in Houghton or spending the week in the greater Bozeman area visiting with my oldest son and getting some legit training in. The smile above indicative of correct choice.

Face it upon return from 2 weeks in West Yellowstone end of November have been in the middle of a grey skied snow blighted Eastern seaboard.  The only time on snow is 5 days of climbing a scrap of snow at Whiteface Mountain. Which by the way is a daunting 5 hr drive from base.  Which would mean preparation for biggest race in the land so far, would be Mr Big  “Skatemill” and roller skiing.image

Although one the naysayers purports that I’ve come out here to avoid racing the 30km at Nationals and am racing for some chocolate the Teton Ridge Classic( although winning some chocolate would be nice) this is not the case.


The choice of doing a race on a maybe 2.5km loop or getting some legit training and catching up with my son was easy.  So far the Skiing has been superb out here have skied at Lone Mountain Ranch trail system and Bogart Ranch. It is simply amazing and impressive.  Will not want to leave.


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