Summer in December

Last 2 weeks have been spent looking at weather around the U.S. and trolling social media looking for skiing.  Have been spending the time Rollerskiing on the roads and on the Skatemill.


Was able to escape to Lake Placid and get re-energized with some Whiteface Energy.  Due to the lack of snow skied up the alpine area to the top of Little Whiteface about 2600′ vertical with some extra ups.  Was joined by aspiring Nordic Skier Cameron Cogburn.  Although currently his technique is a little rough, Cameron is working hard and improving all the time.  We had a little situation on initial descent. Cameron was struggling but making steady progress.  After a couple of falls and learning how to sideslip a little and stem christy a little  the Mountain authorities made the executive decision to evacuate him in a Toboggan!!!

We convinced them to let us self extricate to summit and evacuate with the Gondola.  Still laugh at the picture on my mind of Cameron strapped in to the Sled for a 2000′ ride.  We learned about the uphill pass which is 25$ for the year to ski uphill prior to opening and that one needs metal edge skis. Luckily didn’t inadvertently  get into much trouble.

We did get permission to utilize the Beginner hill prior to opening the next morning with uphill passes. We passed Colin Delaney a nationally ranked Nordic Combined  skier skinning up Excelsior, and he joined us the next morning for an easy 2 hr ski with 3,000′ vertical gained at the base of the mountain.  Love the Nordic Community.


Of note he started biking as an undergrad at Cornell U in upstate NY and rose to near the top in cycling with very impressive results.  We’ve been working on technique and train training ideas all fall.  Cameron  definitely makes me remember how hard it was to start XC skiing at age 20.  Would no the surprised by any results this guy posts in the next couple of years. This past weekend also gave him a wax clinic and introduced him to the TOKO line.

Earlier in the week was able to work with the World Famous Honeoye Falls Ski Team on Waxing Knowledge and Technique.


Upon return to Base. Was able to get a robust interval session on the Skatemill and also to Get Cameron on it also.  He learned the the harness system worked as advertised when he got to the end of some vigorous intervals.


Was able to get my smallest out on the mill. He did quite well too.




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