Back from West Yellowstone thrust into a snow blighted Western NY.  Reality sucks, although always  love every second of it.  Relegated to dryland training in a cold grey damp wet world.  Luckily almost  decade ago invested in a Skatemill ( 8×14’Rollerski Treadmill)  Since 2009 fall have utilized it maybe 2 x to 0 a year.  It actually is a great medium for XC training.


Toko Powered. Rossignol Powered, Craft Powered

A little longer clip 16km/hr 9% grade using Jeremy Teela’s race skis to get fast tempo

Training impetus reinforced with new found invigoration  after spending the greater part of 2 weeks training with Brian Gregg out West.  Tuesday afternoon did 6*10 min threshold rollers in the rain at Victor Hills area in spitting rain into darkness. Faced with rain and darkness after work got reacquainted with old friend Mr. Skatemill.  Started with 2 hour over distance Skating Wednesday, a couple of short sessions also, then a great interval workout after dark with 11yo megalomaniac  controlling the speed.


Before heading West during last classic rollerski workout had a real old classic rollerski wheel give out, was hoping there would be snow upon return.   Since have major challenge in racing 2 classic ski marathons for CXC Marathon Team this upcoming winter( Being a Skating Specialist) Out West skied about 45% Classic Technique with at  least 20km of striding without poles, great for developing good kick.  Have been getting nervous not roller skiing classic since returning. Found some old V2 Jenex 910’s and Salomon boots from around 1990 and skied classic to warm up for a power workout last night. It was very awkward at first classic skiing on the treadmill albeit was using skating poles(ova only one pair with tips modified for skate mill use.

Will keep watching the weather forecast, thinking about finding some snow.  This week looking forward to start utilizing Firstbeat Software to directly alter day to day training. This should allow for more optimization of matching rest to training stimulus.

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